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Weird Christmas Traditions From All Over The World

The tradition of giving Christmas cards is a long and varied one, and whilst not everyone sends cards as bold as 's range of rude Christmas cards such as 'Happy Cuntmas' or 'Merry Fucking Christmas', the tradition is pretty well established across the world. 

But did you know that some countries have traditions even wackier than sending all your friends and family a folded piece of paper.

The Christmas Pickle


Truly a weird one, the tradition of the Christmas Pickle is claimed to have dated back to Germany in the 1880's. It was said that a pickle was the last ornament to be added to the Christmas tree and the first child to find it would receive a small present. However, very few people in Germany seem to have heard of this tradition, though the myth has managed to start a very real Christmas pickle tradition which many families enjoy today. It may not have the simplicity of one of our rude Christmas cards, but a game of hide the pickle? Count us in! 

Caga Tió

Apparently Catalonian people have real fondness for shit...literally. The Christmas tradition of Caga Tió (which seriously translates as defacating log in English) is a strange one indeed. Children add a face and clothes onto a small log, which is then placed in the dining room in the run up to Christmas. The poo log is then fed every day with food and nuts, before the whole family beat it with sticks on Christmas eve until it excretes its snacks. We thought things couldn't get more vile than our 'Lets make a Human Santa-pede #merrychristmas' rude Christmas card, but it turns out we were wrong. 


Christmas Trees


The idea of a Christmas tree might not seem that bizarre to those of us in the UK who set up a tinsel and ornament bedecked tree each and every year, but in India they take it to a whole new level. Although the concept is the same, Indians don't exactly have easy access to fir trees, so they have to make do with decorating a banana or mango tree for a totally tropical twist. On a much more traditional note, the Mayor of Oslo in Norway cuts down a tree and gives it to London every year as a sign of friendship between the two countries. Maybe we could sway a change in this tradition by getting the Mayor to send one of our rude Christmas cards instead? 

Kentucky Fried Christmas


If you’re a foreigner in Japan, then you’re pretty unlikely to be able to get your hands on a turkey for the holidays. So, thanks to some extremely clever marketing and the fact that KFC is the only place you can find a whole bird at short notice, eating the Colonel’s chicken is a serious Christmas tradition, with over 240,000 buckets of chicken sold (5 - 10 times the normal amount sold). In Japan, they actually do send Christmas cards, but just make sure they’re white, as red is a colour usually associated with death. It's a good job rude Christmas cards cater for both colours, I mean we wouldn't want to offend anyone now would we?  

A Big Old Goat


In Gävle, Sweden the town traditionally erects (no giggles!) a 13 metre goat made of straw. It may sound like a joke, but the goat is inspired by the traditional Swedish Yule Goat, and has been burned down by vandals 25 times since 1966. To the people of Gävle we at say 'Leave it to us to erect a rude Christmas card for you instead!' It has to be easier right?   



When it comes to The Twelve Days of Christmas, things get a little scary in Greece. During this time, underground goblins called Kallikantzaroi come to the surface to wreak havoc. When they're not wandering the world at Christmas time, the Kallikantzaroi live under the Earth's surface sawing the 'world tree' hoping that the earth will collapse.