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Thank You Cards. Rude Cards to Say Thanks

Do you remember those long afternoons spent sitting inside on hot Summer’s

days writing boring Thank You cards to grannies, grandas, aunts and uncles for

gifts that you didn’t really give two shits about anyway? “Dear Uncle Nigel, Thank

You for the Spider-Man pajamas you got me last month, I’m 26 years old!”


Now the emotional scars have almost healed, it’s time to take a second to

appreciate the importance of saying ‘thank you’ and how in this day and age of

Facebook and Twitter, sending a physical Thank You card just means so much

more than absent-mindedly posting it on someone’s wall. Don’t tell them we said

this, but it turns out - when it comes to Thank You cards - our parents might have

been right…


The history of Thank You cards is quite a varied one, and one that dates way

back in time to the Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures where they used to

write notes of goodwill on pieces of papyrus. However, it wasn’t until 1840 that

things really kicked off when the stamp was invented and some greedy shit

began to sell cards and letters which were pre-printed with artwork so that

people could add their own thank you notes at the bottom (for those of you who

were born after 1990, a letter is like an email but a lot slower).


The introduction of email and social media means that physical hand-written

Thank You cards are quickly becoming a thing of the past, which is why it’s so

important to make the effort to thank someone for being kind enough to do

something for you, and realistically hand-written cards just mean so much more.

I mean, who wouldn’t cherish a card that reads, “Thanks, you're a fucking



Whether you know it or not, you can literally send someone a Thank You card for

absolutely any reason at all, from “Thanks for the fuck” or ”“Thanks for the bum”

to “You're the fucking best. Thanks”, there are plenty of occasions where it’s not

only appropriate, but also quite frankly, polite to send someone a card thanking

them for their valiant efforts. What kind of monster doesn’t send their partner a

Thank You card after a particularly successful round of fucking?


The very act of taking the time out of your busy, busy day (if you call binging on

Netflix and wanking in the shower ‘busy’) to send a Thank You card is thanks in

itself, and the effort it takes to do this really makes your ‘thank you’ stand out

above the rest. Plus, with our hilarious range of Thank You cards, you’ll be

making up reasons to thank people just to get sending them out.


To be honest, we all know that the only reason people say Thank You is so that

other people will keep doing things for them, so take a minute to think about

how impressive it is to receive a real Thank You card instead of something

written online and how much someone will appreciate your effort. It may be

boring and time consuming, but the next time your birthday or Christmas rolls

around, it’ll all be worth it as the gifts start piling up.


Let’s face it, it may be easier to send a text or post your thanks on someone’s

Facebook wall, but in situations like these, it’s the thought that counts and

posting something online doesn’t take very much thought at all. So, don’t be a

lazy fucker, send a Thank You card and make the effort next time you want to say

Thank You!


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