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10 of the 30 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

It’s November, which means literally every company out there has been spurting out Christmas fayre of all shapes and sizes for quite some time. For Empire film magazine that doesn’t just mean it’s time to post the “All I Want For Christmas Is You...To Go Down On Me”, “Christmas Comes But Once A Year...Bit Like You #happychristmas” and “Don't Get Your Hopes Up This Year, Santa Knows What You've Been Doing Online #merrychristmas” rude Christmas cards that they bought from our website.

The film mag has just released their definitive list of the 30 best Christmas Movies as voted by their readers. Some of them are pretty wild, so, without further ado, and not a single “Sorry I’m A Twat” rude sorry card in sight for some of these choices, here are a few of our favourites form the list!

Arguably the greatest action movie ever made, in 2017 readers of Empire Magazine have voted Die Hard as the greatest Christmas movie ever made 

Die Hard 

No true top Christmas film list would be complete without the one and only Die Hard. Bruce Willis takes down some terrorists during a Christmas party and all is well in the end. Nothing says Christmas like a machine gun, right?


Nothing says Christmas like the weird and wonderful world of Terry Gilliam, and while Brazil isn’t exactly a traditional Christmas tale, I guess it is set at Christmas time…Not exactly the type of film that would be appearing on your Christmas cards, eh?

Home Alone 2

As far as sequels go, Home Alone 2 is actually pretty damn good! Not technically ‘home alone’ this time, Kevin is stranded in New York. Hilarity ensues.

The Polar Express

A family friendly Christmas film that sees Tom Hanks playing six different characters, the Polar Express is an instant classic that looks even better in 3D.

Jingle All The Way

Loads of shouting, loads of violence and a heart-warming message lurking underneath it all, this one sees Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to find this season’s must-have toy for his son. Sign us up!

The Santa Clause

Yet another Christmas classic, The Santa Clause is one of Tim Allen’s most magical roles.After Santa falls of the roof of his house, an everyday dad has to take on the year’s biggest night with the help of a few helpful elves.

Love Actually

A more modern entry to the Christmas canon, Love Actually is a feel-good holiday film for the depressing modern ages. With an all-star cast and some great tunes, this is a British Christmas film to cut through all of the sappy American bullshit.

Miracle on 34th Street

Whether you prefer the 1947 original or the 1994 remake with the little girl from Matilda, Miracle on 34th Street is sure to get those tears flowing no matter who you are. This one is definitely on our Christmas card list.

A Christmas Story

Our personal favourite, they just don’t make ‘em like this anymore! From the leg lamp and the ill-fated BB gun to Ralphie washing his mouth out with soap, this is a weird film that isn’t for everyone.


Yet another modern classic, and perhaps the best Christmas film of all time, Elf is Will Ferrell’s finest performance. Whether smiling is your favourite, or you think maple syrup goes with spaghetti, it’s hard not to find the joy in this comedic tale.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Muppets may not be as cool as minions these days, but back in 1992 they were pretty big business. Taking Charles Dicken’s classic tale and giving it a bit of Muppet flair is another recipe for a classic Christmas movie.