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Great passion for design  plus our knack for swearing equals to handmade greeting cards that express exactly what you want to say. Here at, it is our pleasure to provide you with banter cards that are made more hilarious with our inability to stop swearing.

Be Extra Thoughtful--and Funny with Our Handmade Banter Cards


Making someone feel special doesn’t have to sound overly dramatic. is one with you in spreading love and thoughtfulness with our range of cute and funny but rude handmade greetings cards. These banter cards are designed to help you say exactly what you're thinking (unless of course if it’s for your granny or someone from the religious sector!).

We Create Banter Cards with a Hit

If you’re one of those who think that soppy cards are the worst, we feel you. Seriously, there’s nothing more depressing than opening a card on your birthday and seeing the words “special friend”,  “wonderful person” or “thinking of you”. Except maybe, if that card is empty.

At, we know that birthday cards should be honest, funny and majorly offensive. Only a real friend would have the balls to send you a birthday card that reads, “Happy Birthday Bell End”, “Happy Birthday Ginger Pubes” or “Happy Birthday Bucket Flaps”, wouldn’t they?

People have been using insults as terms of endearment since Shakespeares time, though we doubt old Willy called it, "#bants"

When you truly feel comfortable with someone, you get the privilege of being able to say whatever the hell you want to them, without the fear of them taking offense and running off to their mums, or worse, HR.

If you can be rude to someone and they can take it, then they’ve earned your respect and your friendship grows as equals. If not, then they’re obviously way too sensitive and are probably not deserving of your very special friendship.

So send a few cards from, if you get slapped a few times then possibly don't send any more.

But if your friend's LOL'ing or ROFL'ing away because they think their card's a hit then you need never visit another greetings card site again.

So don't just give a card, give a hit, from

Have fun,

Team Cardshit