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Gags, Games and Road Trips: 20 Witty Ideas to Welcome the New Year

Posted by P. Ottymouth on

A lot of people look forward to watching fireworks and having good, clean fun with their loved ones on New Year’s Eve. You might not be one of those people. It’s understandable for you to become tired of the same old New Year’s practices that you’ve been following for as long as you remember. Instead of moping around and rolling your eyes at yawn-inducing traditions, why not shake things up and make this New Year’s Eve stand out? Here are 20 witty ideas that’ll have you grinning like mad through the turn of the year.

Gags, Games and Road Trips: 20 Funny Ideas to Welcome the New Year

1. Invite Friends and Family to a Game Night

Image Source: Noble Pig

Honestly, who can refuse such an invitation? Choose games such as Monopoly and Uno, which we’re 100% certain won’t lead to heated exchanges or broken friendships, we swear. You may also think of a couple of parlor games that’ll have your loved ones storming around the house in the name of friendly competition. How about a sack race on a beautifully ice-cold New Year’s Eve?

2. Cook Up a Fancy Dinner Using Leftover Holiday Ham

Image Source: Noble Pig

Dig up the family cookbook and serve up every single dish in the book that uses ham as an ingredient, and then lay it out for everyone to try. At some point, people may start complaining about how all the ham is making their stomachs churn. Respond with a smile and say that this New Year’s Eve dinner is your way of thanking them for sending you disproportionate amounts of the rubbery stuff for the holidays in the first place.

3. Throw a Takeout Feast

Image Source: Noble Pig

Alternatively, you can drive around town a couple of hours before the ball drops and pop into every fast food restaurant that crosses your path. There are several reasons this is a great idea. One, you can sample the bestsellers of each chain. Two, you’ll get a glimpse of whatever else is happening on New Year’s Eve, which includes the chance to sneer at any try-hards who are attempting to throw a much better party. Three, you can sink your teeth into some delicious, juicy, extender-laden fast food and spite any companions who are supposedly on a diet.

4. Set Up Your Own Bar

Image Source: Noble Pig

Relish the triumphant feeling of getting your friends drunk on homemade mixes with this New Year’s Eve idea. It helps if you know how to save bad booze. For one, did you know that a handful of raisins can restore fizzy goodness to flat champagne? Or that sour white wine mixed with soda makes a delightful spritzer?

5. Nibble on Cheese and Sip on Wine

Image Source: Noble Pig

Is your pantry almost empty, save for two bottles of wine and ten or more varieties of cheese? Set them out and call your friends over for an instant cheese-and-wine night. You can even play some classical music, slip into a fancy dress shirt, and pretend that you’re not actually halfway broke. Just don’t blame us for the wine stains on any shirts and carpets.

6. Read Out Your New Year’s Resolutions

Image Source: Noble Pig

A lot of people like to come up with all kinds of resolutions for the New Year, only to forget everything by the end of January. That doesn’t mean you can’t announce your resolutions to your friends and family, however. Give everyone the chance to read out the resolutions they’ve listed down, and watch as the audience claps or chokes on their drinks out of disbelief.

7. Binge Watch Viral Videos

Image Source: Noble Pig

Switch up the usual New Year’s Eve movie marathon by staring at viral videos until your eyes itch instead. Hook up a PC to a widescreen TV, set out a few bowls of popcorn, and huddle with your best pals. You can rewatch old goodies, like prank compilations or package deliveries gone wrong. Or you can watch Cardshit’s Facebook video about Wilfred the cat. It’s not every day that you have an excuse to squeal over a fluffy cat with eyes that can stare through your soul.

8. Prepare a Bunch of Goodie Bags

Image Source: Hoosie Homemade

Remember how happy you were whenever you got party favours as a kid? Let your friends relive that glee by handing out goodie bags to welcome the New Year. Of course, since you’re all grown up now, you won’t just have packs of candy and cheap crayons in there. Spice things up by including cat butt magnets and other kooky gifts or rude banter cards in each bag.

9. Build a Blanket Fort

Image Source: Pinterest

Here’s another idea straight out of your childhood--if you had one, that is. Turn your living room upside down, throw blankets on everything, and entice friends and roaches alike by bringing your favourite snacks into your blanket fort.

10. Pull Off a Party Trick with Science

Image Source: Food-hacks

With a fire snake, you can turn a humble porcelain bowl into a portal to another dimension on New Year’s Eve. Fill a bowl with sand and drench the top layer of sand with lighter fluid. Then, combine 10 grams of baking soda with 40 grams of sugar and pour this on top of the sand. Set the sand alight with a long-stick match or long-neck lighter. Sit back and blast some ominous music, such as the “Imperial March” (aka Darth Vader’s theme) from Star Wars, to welcome the two-foot fire snake that should emerge from the flames. Have fun cleaning up afterwards.

11. Set Up Your Own Balloon Drop

Image Source: Oukas

Surprise your loved ones with your own balloon drop. Simply stuff some balloons and a few handfuls of confetti into a large garbage bag, loosely sew the bag shut with a ribbon, and hang it upside down from a ceiling, whether in your living room or on your porch. When the clock strikes midnight and the sky comes alive with fireworks, pull the ribbon and enjoy a light shower of balloons. You may decorate the balloons by drawing faces or writing expletives on them in permanent marker.

12. Stomp on Bubble Wrap

Image Source: Fox 43

Does someone in your family abhor firecrackers for any reason? Here’s a hilarious way to bring them into the New Year celebrations. Unfurl a roll of bubble wrap onto a hard floor, wait for midnight to hit, and then get everyone to jump on the sheet at the same time and stomp away. The bigger the bubbles, the better.

13. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Image Source: My Kids Adventures

This idea is great if you have a huge house. Attach clues to random objects, hide them around the house, and hand out nothing but the very first clue. You can try hiding clues in New Year’s Eve party decor, stuffing them into noisemakers, or sticking them on embarrassing photos from your rowdy college days. You’ll have your guests scampering and laughing aloud at what they find.

14. Make Time Capsules

Image Source:Paleo Future

Still have some embarrassing photos left over? Set a few priceless snapshots aside and stuff them into an empty oatmeal can. Toss in some other memorabilia, seal it into a plastic bag, and shove the whole thing under a tree near you. Wait until next New Year’s Eve to dig out your time capsules for some cringeworthy goodness. Some items to include are letters to your future self, banter cards from good friends, and receipts of expensive purchases that you immediately regretted afterwards.

15. View Old Pictures and Videos With Good Friends

Image Source: Freedom Detox

It’s hard to run out New Year’s Eve ideas involving old pictures, really. How about simply gathering every single embarrassing photo or video you have of your friends and editing it all into a homemade 30-minute masterpiece? Feel free to scour your buddies’ Facebook accounts or include screenshots of drunken conversations. Don’t be afraid to use never-before seen footage, whatever that may mean to you.

16. Learn Poi Dancing with Your Friends

Image Source: Fine Art America

Ever seen a fire dance where one or more performers swung fireballs around on strings? For New Year’s Eve, you and your friends can try looking half that cool by swinging some poi around yourselves. Poi translates to “ball on a string” in Maori. Making your own pair of poi is a matter of filling a plastic bag with some sand or rice, wrapping it in cloth, and then tying it with a long cord, looping the other end into a handle. If you’re feeling a bit daring, substitute the bags for glowsticks. Finally, step outside and give the poi a try. Have fun attempting to put on a New Year’s Eve street performance without whacking each other or getting your poi tangled up.

17. Dress to Impress and Nothing More

Image Source:Noble Pig

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to step into luxurious suedes or a pair of killer heels and douse yourself in the most expensive perfume or cologne lying around. Throw open your closets and pull on the fanciest-looking outfit you have, carefully treading the line between fashionable and slightly bonkers. Then, go for a walk around town. Don’t even step into a bar or anything, but literally just walk around town and count the heads that turn.

18. Be a Bit Spanish and Run Around in Red Underpants

Image Source: Lettera 43

If walking around in expensive clothes isn’t an appealing idea for you, how about walking around wearing almost nothing instead? In the Spanish village of La Font de la Figuera, New Year’s tradition dictates that locals should strip down to a pair of red underwear and run through the streets regardless of the weather. You can certainly celebrate the New Year in the same way. Gather the bravest souls among your family and friends, invest in some brand new red underpants, put on said underpants and nothing more, and charge through the snow together. If you’re lucky, you might make the front page of a local newspaper.

19. Go on a Road Trip

Image Source: Noble Pig

Cram yourself into a car with your best buddies and drive away without much prior planning, let alone a map! You can end up watching fireworks on other end of the UK, posing for New Year’s pictures against the Eiffel Tower, or attempting to signal for help on a bumpy road in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t that sound like a romantic idea?

20. Go to Bed Early

Image Source: Noble Pig

Be a bit ironic and skip the festivities completely. Your buddies might call you a killjoy once they catch wind of your idea, but hey, if anyone’s going to wake up with eyebags, a hangover, and a bout of indigestion on the first day of the fresh new year, it’s not going to be you.

Scrap the usual New Year’s Eve program and whip up your own with these 20 funny ideas instead. Who knows, you might establish a hilarious new tradition that’ll last through the ages.

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