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8 Creative Cards to Send This Holiday Season

Posted by P. Ottymouth on

8 Creative Cards to Send This Holiday Season

The stockings are up, the air is cold, and the ugly sweaters are making a resurgence. Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it the tradition of sending holiday greetings even to people you rarely get in touch with. You might have finally gotten sick of handing out generic rubbish, however. There may also be acquaintances whose mailboxes you’d like to grace with either a rude Christmas card or an arts-and-craftsy equivalent that screams “I tried.” 

At Cardshit, we don’t make nice, sweet cards. We also know that for some strange reason, some people do actually like them. So, to cater to such sad losers, we’ve included some instructions that we hope they can follow. Here’s a list of 8 creative cards for friends and family this season, ranging from child-friendly to delightfully offensive.

From Pretty Rhinestone to Plain Rude: 8 Creative Cards for the Holidays

1. Good Old Wax Resist

Image Source: Happy Hooligans

Just write your greetings with a white crayon on white cardstock and paint over it with watercolor. The message will emerge through the paint. Even if you make a mess of your card, it’ll still look cute. If you’re sending this kind of card to an older relative or friend, take it a step further by covering it in ornate designs or fancy scribbles that can pass as such. You can sneak in a snarky comment or a cheeky doodle, but make sure it doesn’t land in the hands of the little ones!

Project taken from Happy Hooligans.

2. Paint Chips

Image source: One Little Project

Have a stack of paint chips from all those visits to the hardware store? Cut them into trees or other shapes, stick them onto cardstock, and voila. If you manage to actually cut in straight lines, the resulting design will be refreshingly modern. Your recipient might not immediately realize that their card is covered in paint chips, or that it’s actually homemade. Complete your creation with a greeting ripped from a Hallmark card.

Idea borrowed from One Little Project.

3. Rhinestone Cards

Image Source: Childhood 101

Here’s a wonderful way to use up hoarded scrapbooking supplies. Simply collect a handful of tacky rhinestones and glue them onto your card. Children will love arranging the plastic gems into ornaments on lineart of a pine tree. Adults may want to stick a single rhinestone onto the center of their card instead. Should anyone call your masterpiece offensive, defend it with the “minimalist” label.

Idea taken from Childhood 101.

4. From the Bump

Image source: Cardshit

Give your child the chance to send their very first greeting card, even before their due date! It helps if you’ve already decided on a name for your future bundle of joy. We also hope you’re certain about your baby’s gender.

Read our full description of the “Merry Christmas from the Bump” card here.

5. A Year in Review

Image source: Cargo Collective

This one’s great for relatives living a good distance away. Stuff your card with announcements and pretty graphs to flaunt the highlights of your year. Yes, the number of paint chip cards you’ve collected is also a highlight. With the right choice of words, you can make your family members believe you’ve had a splendid 2018! Include a completely candid family picture in the envelope.

Idea originally from Amanda Jane Jones.

6. Rudolph is Coming

Image source: Cardshit

Send this card to the Game of Thrones die-hards in the family. For bonus points, cram your message with as many corny GoT puns as you can. You may also opt to casually remind them that the final season of GoT is coming out in 2019. If you’re a bit more daring, tack on a bogus spoiler in the form of a “P.S.” Enjoy their reaction.

Find out more about the “Rudolph is Coming” card here.

7. Saying It Like It Is

Image source: Cardshit

Yes, Christmas is framed as the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the perfect excuse to toss your diet out the window and break decorum at year-end parties. Here’s to a holiday season your colleagues will want to forget!

Check out this very honest card here.

8. Family Spirit

Image source: Cardshit

Want to graciously thank your family for all those nauseating road trips and delicious servings of stone-cold casserole? Gather everyone around the tree, serve a few steaming mugs of hot chocolate, and watch as someone opens this card up. Keep a camera ready in the name of posterity.

Read more about this warm and wonderful card here.

Stretch your creative muscles and whip out your mailing list! With these 8 Christmas cards, you’ll be able to spread good tidings and come away with either a chuckle or a block on Facebook. Just remember: once you’re done, you won’t have to think about talking to most of these people until next year. Happy holidays!

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