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4 Reasons You Should Still Send Greeting Cards

Posted by P. Ottymouth on

You might be curious how greeting card brands still manage to stay afloat in this digital day and age. Or you might be weirded out by those few friends who insist on sending banter cards or rude greeting cards to their loved ones and best buds. After all, can’t a text dripping with tacky emojis or a vague Snapchat message do the job just fine?

You’ll be surprised. Here are 4 reasons you should still send greeting cards.

4 Reasons to Still Send Greeting Cards

1. Greeting Cards are More Personal

Oh, sure, every other person has a smartphone or a Facebook account these days. It’s easy to key “happy birthday :-)” into your phone, slap on a couple of emojis, and maybe even sneak in a poignant GIF. It’s not quite the same as putting your phone down, getting away from your computer, and actually writing the message down. In the same way, opening an email often can’t quite compare to tearing an envelope open, pulling a card out, and realizing that you’ve gotten a banter card or a rude birthday greeting fresh from Cardshit.

2. Greeting Cards Have More Impact

Even if it contains any cheeky jokes or attempts at banter, a Facebook greeting is ultimately just another message in the inbox, if not another unnecessarily long post on the wall. An e-card is just another email, which can easily get buried under tons of junk mail from dating sites and Nigerian princes. You could try to print out screenshots and tack them to a fridge in an attempt to give them “impact,” but who are you kidding?

A greeting card is a different story. From the moment you take it out of your mailbox, you’re directly touching it. You can flip it open and closed, run your fingers over the complete chicken scratch that is the sender’s message, and place it in a frame or on your desk. Whenever you notice the card, you’ll be reminded of your friend’s effort to pick out a Cardshit banter card and scribble a rude greeting on it. And you might just feel touched by it all. Of all the friends they chose to grace with a sample of their horrible penmanship, they chose you. Awwww.

3. Greeting Cards are Just More Authentic

Online greetings can only reflect so much of your personality. Meanwhile, you can decide on a rude card with a piece of banter that sums you up.

You can customize the card like mad, too. Want to write your message in blinding glitter pen? Go right ahead. Want to tape on a chocolate bar? Be our guest. Want to leave it completely blank to be even more rude, or include an insanely detailed sketch of Wilfred the cat just for kicks? No one’s stopping you.

4. Greeting Cards are Not All the Same

Hallmark classics and other generic department store finds are often what come to mind whenever someone mentions greeting cards. Do you honestly think that all greeting cards are mushy and monotonous, though? Compare good old “congratulations” to “Congrats, You’re Koala-fied!” Or trade in your dusty friendship cards for one that reads “You’re the Best Friend in the Hole World”. There are bad cards, there are okay-ish cards, and then there’s Cardshit.

Those friends of yours who still send banter cards around? They’re on to something. With these 4 reasons in mind, we strongly advise that you join them and send out a couple of rude greeting cards yourself.

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