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15 Hilarious Gift Ideas for Your Closest Friends

Posted by P. Ottymouth on

You might have felt for a while that your friends deserve something more extraordinary than picture frames and boxes of fruitcake for Christmas. At the same time, it can be difficult to find the perfect holiday gift, even for those who have brightened your life or shaped your sense of humor. It gets harder if you have buddies who seem to be allergic to sentimentality. No worries, though! Here’s a list of 15 gag gifts that’ll get a laugh out of your closest friends this Christmas.

15 Gag Gifts to Give Your Closest Friends This Christmas

1. Corgi Butt Coin Purse

Image source: Barking Brigade

Have a friend who stops and stares whenever a dog walks by? Delight them with a corgi butt coin purse this Christmas. Yes, such a purse exists. Yes, you can touch it. No, it won’t float like an actual corgi butt.

2. Cat Butt Magnets

Image source: Kikkerland EU

Let’s face it, butts can make us giggle no matter how old we are. If your friend is not a dog lover, you can grab a set of cat butt magnets instead as a gift for the crazy cat person in the squad. Enjoy visiting your giftee in the future and beholding a fridge sprinkled with cat butts.

3. Two-Person Ugly Sweater

Image source: Tipsy Elves

Who knew that “two heads are better than one” applied to ugly Christmas sweaters as well? Send this to your partner in crime. Trying to actually wear the sweater on is probably a gag in itself.

4. Air Freshener Printed with Your Face

Image source: This is Why I’m Broke

Say goodbye to separation anxiety by handing out air fresheners with your face on them! You can either buy these from specialty shops or simply glue pictures onto a store-bought freshener. Rest assured that your friends will always have you in their thoughts, whether they want to or not.

5. Pug Tape Measure

Image source:Paladone

Another gift for the dog lovers among your friends! Pull on the tongue of this plastic pug for all your measuring needs.

6. Poop Emoji Pillow

Image source: Game

It’s soft, it’s cute, and it’s shaped like cartoon poop. Present this gag gift to the social media king/queen among your friends. Try suggesting that they use it as a travel pillow.

7. Cards Against Humanity Set

Image source: CNet

Word of warning: once you buy a Cards Against Humanity box as a Christmas present, you can expect to be playing this fill-in-the-blank card game until New Year’s Eve. Just keep the children and the grandmothers away.

“Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children…” “Fiery poops.”

8. Toilet Mug

Image source: Onfancy

There’s nothing quite like starting your day by drinking out of a toilet. This gag gift truly shines if a spoon of coffee powder refuses to dissolve immediately, resulting in floating lumps sticking to the sides of the mug. Delicious!

9. Elf Earphones

Image source: Thumbs Up

If one of your friends likes listening to music, adores the fantasy genre, or can’t stop losing their earphones, buy them a set designed after an elf’s ears! Not only are these earphones stylish in a Lord of the Rings kind of way, but they’re also probably harder to misplace in the bottom of a crowded bag.

10. Baguette Slippers

Image source:Juku Store

Occasionally, gag gifts can become fashion statements. These stylish slippers can help keep your friend’s feet toasty and warm! Get these as a Christmas present for a foodie, or for someone who has been to France.

11. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal

Image source: The Oatmeal

Comic collectors and cat enthusiasts alike will enjoy browsing this bound volume of 136 comics all about our feline friends. Plus, all copies come with pull-out posters of the titular comic!

12. Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Image source: Mighty Ape

Lend your friend a hand with their doomsday prep by buying them this book for Christmas. You can even bundle it with DVDs of zombie classics such as 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead. Expect to see these gifts to show up sometime around Halloween next year.

13. Pet Rock (Walking Leash Optional)

Image source: Time Magazine

While some people opt to hand out puppies or pick out new pets from animal shelters, you can stand out and present your close friend with a pet rock. It doesn’t have to be fed or bathed, it blends in with succulents and cacti, and it won’t run away or start fights with other rocks around the neighborhood. If you can, get a matching leash for the new pet while you’re at it!

14. Money Soap

Image source: Things I Desire

How about a fun lesson in delayed gratification? This bar of translucent soap has a paper bill rolled up and stuck straight through the middle! You can either buy it from a store or make the money soap yourself as a handmade Christmas gift.

15. “You Said You Wanted Nothing” Box

Image source:Amazon

Finally, a comeback for the classic “I don’t want/need anything for Christmas”! Present it as is or stuff it with styrofoam peanuts. Do make sure that your friend can take this gag, though! You can keep a back-up gift just in case, such as the poop emoji pillow.

For best results, place these gifts in an oversized box filled with crumpled crepe paper for a layered gag. Or pair these gifts with an offensive Christmas card. Finally, make sure someone takes a video of your friends’ reactions for posterity’s sake. You’re welcome.

Check out our blog for more entertaining posts, or browse our product lineup at Cardshit for all your gag gifting needs!

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