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Life Begins at 40: 5 Rude 40th Birthday Gifts

Posted by P. Ottymouth on

Need a gift for someone who’s about to hit 40? You’d better not settle for the same rubbish you’ve been buying them for the past few decades. Get them something rude for a change. Play your cards right and you can have the celebrant giggling like a two-year-old who’s just discovered the word “poop.”

For starters, check out these 5 rude birthday gifts to give at a 40th birthday, each one matched with a recommended rude card. The celebrant won’t be the only one snickering, that’s for sure.

5 Rude Birthday Gifts Perfect for 40-Year-Old Friends

    1."Farting Animals” Colouring Book

Image source: Amazon UK

Indulge the birthday celebrant’s inner child with this colouring book by M. T. Lott. They’ll be giggling as they go through the pages, because what isn’t funny about farts, really? Bundle this gift with some chunky kiddie crayons or a rude “YOU SMELL” birthday card from CardsHit for more laughs.

2. Butt Station Tape Dispenser

Image source: Amazon UK

Any responsible 40-year-old needs a handy dandy tape dispenser. Liven up the celebrant’s workspace by getting them one of the best tape dispensers on the planet. Pair it with a rude “POO HEAD” birthday card, too. Toilet humour truly transcends ages.

Aside from being a great conversation starter, this dispenser from Butt Supplies holds pens, paper clips, and sticky notes.

3. “I Could Pee on This” Poem Collection

Image Source: Amazon UK

Here’s a great gift for crazy cat ladies who are about to enter their 40s. This fully illustrated poem collection by Francesco Marciuliano can help a birthday celebrant understand the psyche of the common household feline. There’s just no guarantee that the resident cats won’t pee on your friend’s copy of this book.

Want to be really catty? Pair this gift with one of CardsHit’s “Cats are Twats” rude birthday cards.

4. Trump’s Small Hand Soap

Image source: Waterstones

Be thoughtful. Be rude. Give your friend the gift of Trump’s Small Hand Soap from Waterstones on your friend’s 40th birthday. According to one product review, this little soap bar gives off the delightful scent of covfefe.

For best results, send this gift with a rude “Making Birthdays Great Again” card featuring the POTUS himself. Don’t be a chump, say it with Trump.

5. “The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You” Book

Image source: Amazon UK

Let’s be honest: every birthday signifies one less year to live. Remind your loved one of the cold, hard truth on their 40th birthday with this lovely book from Knock Knock. Bonus points if the celebrant happens to be a true blue hypochondriac.

Try sending this book with a rude but very truthful birthday card that gladly informs the celebrant that they’re “officially one year closer to dying.”

These 5 birthday gifts are proof that you can share rude laughs with your chums no matter how old they are. Your only problem now will be how to outdo yourself at the celebrant’s 50th birthday.

Visit our blog for more entertaining posts about rude gifts and greeting cards.

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